The old Antietam Lake Valve House was built in 1880 and for many years supplied water to the City of Reading.  Now, after 130 yrs. of standing here it is showing much in need of repair.  The wrought Iron walkway is not safe anymore.  The Pump House bricks are falling apart.  The roof has caved in, the entrance door is rotting away.


The Valve House no longer supplies water to the City any longer, but has under-gone some much needed repair.  Since this Valve House is a Historical structure, the City and other Townships in the area funded having the House repaired for a cost of $180,000.  The above Image is the result of all that hard work.  Now, it will probably stand another 130 yrs.

Antietam Lake is a very popular fishing area.  I’ve been here a number of times during the fishing season, but found it to be too crowded for me.  I don’t care to be around lot’s of other anglers out there.  There are a number of walking trails in the area that are nice to see.  Oh yes, the bottom Image of the House is not mine.  I had to get it off the Internet so you could see what it looks like today.

Thanks for your visit


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