An old Cold Storage Shelter

Nikon D7000 Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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COLD STORAGE – Back in the early days when there was no such thing as electricity or refrigeration items that needed to be kept cool were often stored in a under-ground cellar or a brick or stone building that was built into the side of a hill or mountain where the tempeture was always a cool 50 degrees F.

4 thoughts on “NO ONE HOME

  1. I love things like this Les. I used to take photos of old barns, old cemetery headstones–the older the better, old trees on the verge of falling, old bridges. You’re my kind of photographer.

    1. Thanks so very much for your kind comment. This is what I enjoy doing. Finding old structures in History. There is so much of it around here. What I do is just go “out there” and walk or drive around. I never know what I’ll find. I’m more than sure that Kentucky is just full of old stuff.

      1. You should come to Kentucky before they throw all of it away Les. Our fearless leaders seem to be on a “search and destroy” campaign lately, making it young people friendly. No more “Old folks at home” wanted around here.

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