An old Cold Storage Shelter

Nikon D7000 Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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COLD STORAGE – Back in the early days when there was no such thing as electricity or refrigeration items that needed to be kept cool were often stored in a under-ground cellar or a brick or stone building that was built into the side of a hill or mountain where the tempeture was always a cool 50 degrees F.

4 thoughts on “NO ONE HOME

  • I love things like this Les. I used to take photos of old barns, old cemetery headstones–the older the better, old trees on the verge of falling, old bridges. You’re my kind of photographer.

    • Thanks so very much for your kind comment. This is what I enjoy doing. Finding old structures in History. There is so much of it around here. What I do is just go “out there” and walk or drive around. I never know what I’ll find. I’m more than sure that Kentucky is just full of old stuff.

      • You should come to Kentucky before they throw all of it away Les. Our fearless leaders seem to be on a “search and destroy” campaign lately, making it young people friendly. No more “Old folks at home” wanted around here.

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