I am guessing that by now you are all getting tired of seeing my Posts of the old Schuylkill Canal.  I promise that this will be the last one, unless you still want to see more.  I can do that.

For either it be one reason or another I am fascinated by what is left over from the old Canal that still exists today.  There is so much History here.  I stood here and tried to visualize what it looked like back in the day when Canal Boats once traveled up and down this area being towed by a Horse or Mule on the Towpath to the left.  It would be nice to step back in time and see for myself what is was.  However, that’s not possible.  Canal Boats loaded with coal, wood, food, and people once were here.  I have to just see in my minds eye what it used to be.

Thanks for your visit.

Nikon D7000  Nikkor 18-200mm Lens ISO 400 f/5.6