Located about a 20min drive from my home, is the small Historic Town of Port Clinton, PA.  Port Clinton was one of the small towns that was alongside the Schuylkill Canal back in the 1800’s.  This is why you see a picture of one of the Canal Boats that once traveled up and down the Canal.  Port Clinton is not a very big town at all.  Has about 288 people living here.  There is not much to be found of the old Canal here, even though it started because of it.  All of what used to be is now covered over or just eliminated from the area.  There is just one main street running right thru the old town.  Not much else.


However, walking around I did find some old structures that have been here for a long time.  What this really was, I don’t know.  It did have a old gas pump behind it, that is just rusting away. 



This was a old Mule Stable.


Here’s a more close-up view of that old gas pump.

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