Stonersville Hotel-1

After doing some consideration, I decided to give a editing Software called Nix HDR a try for 15 day’s and see how good it works.  Seems that it works pretty good, but it’s rather pricey.  Not sure if I’m going to keep this.  We shall see as the time goes by.

This is the old Stonersville Hotel that was built in 1813.  It has been a landmark Hotel for many years.  It has, and still does, serve some great Dinners.  It has undergone a really nice restoration since the last time I saw it.  Before the walls on the outside were plain white and showing many cracks from being here so long.  Whoever did the work did a outstanding job.  I apologize for the darn wires in the Image.  I just could not get rid of them from anywhere I stood.  They are such a nuisance!

This Hotel used to be a “stop over” for travelers going to and from Philadelphia, PA when the road in front was just dirt.  I’m sure that the Horse & Buggy was a means of transportation back then.  You can still rent a room for the night here or longer, if you want.  What they charge, I have no idea.  I searched the Internet for some History about the Hotel, but could not find much, except when it was built.


This is a photo taken from the Internet on what the old Hotel used to look like back in the early day’s.  The other building you see in the back on the Hotel is still there to this day, but out of the Image I shot above.

Image taken by me using a Nikon D7000  Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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