Covered Bridge-1

Yesterday, while out cruising the back roads looking for photo opportunities,  I just happen to come across this Covered Bridge that I had no idea was here.  I have been living around the Berks County area most all my Life, and never knew it was here.

This is the Greisemer Mill Covered Bridge that is 1 of 5 that are in the Berks Co. area.  It spans 124 feet across the Maxatauny Creek.  It was built in 1868 and is a Burr Truss Bridge.  Most all the Historic Covered Bridges here are taken care of by the Township that they are in.  As you can see, the old support wall was just repaired.  This old Bridge is still open to traffic, but does have a weight limit.  No heavy trucks or they will crash thru the bottom of the Bridge and thus destroy a Historic old Bridge.


This is what I mean by a “Burr Truss” Bridge.  The arched supports are about 2 inches thick and are made of wood.  How they get the Truss to bend like that I don’t know.


This is the Greisemer Mill that was built in 1832 and stands just beyond the Covered Bridge.  The over-hang at the top of the building was usually for a block & tackle that hauled what-ever was needed up to the top of the Mill for storage.  There are a number of these old Mill’s around the area.


The Mill from the side.  The old roof is sagging a bit.  Guess I’d sag if I was this old.


Located under the Mill and visable in the upper Images, is what is called a “Mill Race”.  At one time water flowed thru here to power the machinery that was in the Mill.  Water was supplied by the creek that the Covered Bridge spans over.  The steel rods were used to stop debris from entering the water wheel that is inside the Mill.


The old window in the Mill has about had it.


And  .  .  .  .  here’s the old Bridge from a distance away.

Nikon D7000 Nikkor 18-200mm Lens  Nik HDR Software.

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  1. What a lovely spot. We don’t get covered bridges in Britain so I’m particularly enamoured with those. That one looks to be in very good condition so the township clearly do a great job of maintaining it. Thanks for sharing.

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