I’m sorry that I have not been Posting much of anything the past few day’s, but to say the truth I’ve pretty much run out of History around my area to Post about.  So, it just so happens that I was going to go to Gettysburg with my Brother and show him what is here and why it’s here.  He has never seen this Historic town, but I have.  I’ve been here 2 other times in the past and know just about where everything is.  However, upon our arrival I found that there have been a few changes when getting into the Visitor Center.  More on that later on.

As some of you may know the biggest, and bloodiest Battle of the Civil War was fought here on July 1, 2, and 3 of 1863.  Over 56,000 men were killed in a 3 day period.  The town of Gettysburg was right in the middle of the fight and still after more than 150 yrs. have passed, it still has remnants of the fight for everyone to see.  This Post is about just one of them.  I will Post more about it later.

The Farnsworth House was built in 1810 and was a civilian house and inn at the time of the fight.  As the Confederate soldiers moved thru the town, they quickly used this place as a sharpshooter area where they could see all over the town.  It has seen fighting all around it and was used as a make-shift hospital at times. 


This is looking to the left of the building.  Notice the small window up near the roof?  This was once a window for a Confederate sharpshooter that shot at the Union troops across the way.  Also notice the small “white” spots on the building?  These are mini-ball hit’s from Union fire.  There are 135 holes in the building trying to kill that sharpshooter.  It is told that the only civilian killed during the fight came from a mini-ball shot from this location.  The only civilian killed during the battle was a Lady named Genny Wade.  She was baking bread for the Union Soldiers during the fight and was hit in the back by a Confederate sharpshooter that was fired from the Farnsworth House & Inn.  The mini-ball hole that killed Genny Wade is still in the door of her home that is maintained by the Park Service.

It is also very well known that this building is very haunted by both the Union & Confederate sides from the fight.  It has 16 different spirits here that have been photographed and written about in various books about the Civil War.  The most active area in this Inn is the Sara Black Room where strange noise’s, footsteps, apparitions of Confederate & Union Soldiers have been seen.  Guests that stay here have also reported having the door of their room knocked on, but no one is there.  Some Guests have packed up and left because of so much activity.

My Brother and I went into the small restraunt here and had a few beers and a sandwich.  I asked the bar maid if she had ever seen anything “strange”.  She told me no, but others have!  I saw nothing while here, but that does not mean that they are not there.

We spent most of the day driving around the Historic Battlefield where the actual fighting took place.  There are many monuments built to show who was there and what happened at certain spots.  It is a very interesting tour to take.  If you ever get the chance to see the movie “Gettysburg” it is well worth it.  It’s over 4 hrs. long and completely shows what happened here in 1863.

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  1. Nice post. We toured Gettysburg a few years back and really enjoyed it. Watching the movie you mentioned before arriving really helped us to understand what unfolded.

    1. Gettysburg is a interesting place to visit, especially if you enjoy the History of the Civil War. They also put on a actual re-enactment of the famous Picketts Charge. It is truly a sight to see. Thousands of re-enactors come here dressed in authentic uniforms from both the Union & Confederate sides. Complete with actual cannon & rifle fire. It’s always on either, July 1 2 or 3rd day of the Battle. Take one of the Ghost Tours. They are very interesting. Makes you think.

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