While at the Gettysburg National Memorial Park and touring around the Battlefield, I shot these Images of a authentic Parrot Gun used during the Civil War by both the Confederate & Union Armies.  These Historic Guns are kept in pristine condition by the National Park Service.


This metal sign tells the History of the 2 Parrot Gun’s during the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg.


Looking down the barrel from the rear into the Battlefield.


FACT –  The 10lb. Parrot Gun was invented by Capt. Robert Parker Parrot and was made of Cast & Wrought Iron.  It had a maximum range of 2000 yrds. at a elevation of 25 degrees.  The Parrot Gun had one fault during the fight and that was it had a bad habit of the barrel bursting when in heavy use.  Water was used to cool the barrel during heavy fighting.  There was no such thing as “smokeless powder” back then, so when the gun would fire there was a lot of smoke created.  Imagine this being done by hundreds of others like it.

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