On the morning of July 1st, 1863 during heavy shelling and fighting between the Union & Confederate Army’s at Gettysburg this one time tree took a splinter blast from a Confederate Cannon.  The round almost took out the tree, but still left some of it intact.  A Union Soldier from the 90th Pennsylvania came by and set his knap sack, rifle, canteen, and cartridge box on the tree for a quick rest.


While here for a short time amidst the heavy artillery fire he noticed a bird nest laying on the ground with eggs in it that were not hatched yet.  He gently picked up the nest and put it back on the tree where he thought it might have been.  If you look close to the top Image you will see where the nest originally was.  On top of the tree, that is hidden, is a cannon ball that was used.  This is a true story of that day in History.

The tree pictured here is not the original tree.  This is a steel copy of what the tree looked like from eye witness accounts.  Looking behind this monument, there used to be a small forest, but was blown away by heavy artillery fire.

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