Now, here is something you don’t see much anymore.  A phone booth.  Now, with the new cell phones these booths have almost become non-existing.  At least here in the USA, they are few and far between.  If you do find one, it is usually beat to heck and the phone does not work anyway.  The problem is that Superman has no place to change!

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2 thoughts on “PHONE BOOTH

  1. And an iconic British phone box at that! They are an endangered species everywhere thanks to mobile phones / cell phones. In Scotland we lived in a rural area with very patch mobile phone reception yet they still removed the majority of phone boxes. My kids will likely never know about making reverse charge / collect calls or even having to memorize phone numbers.

  2. My grandkids wouldn’t have any idea how to use a phone booth. They wouldn’t even know how to use a rotary phone. Too hard to text with a rotary, lol.

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