I know that I have not Posted anything much lately, but I’m good with that.

For many months I have had the interest in Infrared Photography, but just could not get the settings for it just right so I could play with all the different colors that are in the color spectrum.  Photographing IR is a whole new challenge for me and is a rather involved process.  I have read and read what to do when you are using a Infrared Filter, such as my 58mm Hoya R72 Infrared Filter that just screw’s on the front of my Tamron 58mm Lens.

I have read that using a Tripod and a Remote Shutter Trigger are a must for doing IR.  The slightest little shake with the camera will make your shot more blurry, and you don’t want that.  You can not just hold the camera when your shutter is open for such a long time.  It won’t come out very good.  The Image above was taken at the Grings Mill.  What I had to do here is focus the Image, set the ISO to 200, very gently screw on the IR Filter, set the camera to Blub Mode, and hold the shutter open for 35 sec. at f/3.2.  It takes the camera about 5 seconds to process the Image, and when it does it’s pretty much all Red.  Then I have to Post process the Image in my Coral PSPX7 program to bring out the color that the Filter see’s or in my Lightroom 5 program.  Which ever one will work better.


Here on this one, you can see colors from a different light spectrum that only the IR Filter will.  In normal photography of this the grass is green and so are the trees.  The pavement is a bit blacker and the water not so blue.  The sky is pretty close to this, but the IR sees it in a different type of light.


This one came out a bit different than what I expected.  Since the camera Lens did not see any Blue sky as before, you don’t see any Blue.  I could have put Blue into it, but it would have made the shot look kinda stupid.  Again, normally, the grass is green and so are the trees with normal bark.  IR does not see green.


I sort of messed this one up a bit.  I did not have the camera settings just right, so it came out a bit blurry.  More than what I wanted.

I do not know all answers to this new type of photography, nor do I know how to do it well.  I have to learn as I go along.  There are camera’s out there that you can buy that are already converted over to photographing IR, but they can be expensive.  I don’t want to go quite that far.  I hope you enjoy my new found hobby.

Images taken with a Pentax K10D DSLR 10.1 Megapixal Camera using a R72 Hoya IR Filter.

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