Here is my Loving Wife with her Granddaughter on the day of her Graduation from Schuylkill Valley High School.  After the summer is over, she will be attending West Virginia University with a full scholarship.  She will Major in Sports Therapy and be swimming on the West Virginia swim team.  Like Eileen’s oldest Son, she is quite tall.  Almost 6 ft tall and quite a pretty Lady.  She will enter a whole new world once she get’s into collage.  One that I’m not sure she’s ready for.  I’m not lucky enough to have a Granddaughter or Grandson.  Never will.


Here is Eileen’s other Granddaughter.  She is still in HS and not quite ready for collage yet.

I do apologize for not being much of a Blog buddy these past few weeks, but I’ve had some other issues to deal with witch did not make me to happy.  I lost my wallet with everything in it that I need.  It must have fallen out of my back pocket somewhere and was picked up by someone.  There was no money in it, but it did have my Drivers License, ID Cards, Credit Cards, my VA Cards, my License to carry a canceled weapon, and other important stuff.  It has been a nightmare trying to recover everything that I need.  I had to cancel the Credit Cards, my Bank Card, my Gun Permit, and have all of them re-issued with new numbers.  Getting my Drivers License is another pain in the ass.  Why the person who has it can’t just send it back to me, is way beyond me.  They can’t use anything in it at all.  There is not much I can do, except keep on recovering what I need.

I learned a valuable lesson here with my Wallet thing.  I would suggest that you take your purse/wallet and photo copy everything that is important to you and keep in on file for yourself.  This way you can still have proof that you had it at one time.  If you don’t need your wallet/purse, lock it up in your glove compartment or trunk where no one can get to it.

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