For the past few months, I have been reading the book “Holocaust” written by Martin Gilbert.  It’s quite a thick book to read.  Just about 1000 pages long and very well written about the Jewish people and how horrible they were treated during the Second World War.  The book goes into graphic detail just what the Nazi War Machine did to the German, Polish, and Soviet Jews.  Just one of the many, many atrocities committed by the Nazi SS was the extermination of Jews in the Ukraine.

Jewish people in the Ukraine were rounded up, made to strip naked, and forced into a place that was called “The Babbi Yhr”  which was nothing but a deep ravine.  I had to do some Internet research about this and found out what happened.  Here in 1941 the Nazi’s lined up the Jewish people and shot them all just because they were of the Jewish Religion!  The Nazi’s tried to exterminate every living Jew during the War.  Why, I ask?

Babi Yar Massacre

Here I found some Images off the Internet on what happened.  It shows the German SS lining up the Jewish people and just executing them in cold blood.  Others that were dead lay at the bottom of the ravine.


Thousands of Jewish people were shot in this manner.  After the murder was done, the bodies were covered over with lime and dirt.  They still remain where they died to this day.  Memorials to this terrible atrocity have been placed here to remember, and never let History forget how horrible, disgusting, and despicable mankind can be to another human being.

I have no real words that can describe how I feel about this.  Jewish people were treated this way just because of their Religion?  My God! I have nothing against the Jewish Relegion or the Jewish people.  Never did.  My Mother being in the Second World War described to me that WWII is when the World went mad!  It did.



Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided to take my camera and re-visit the old Schyukill Canal Lock that is just but a  10 min. drive from my home.  I’ve been here a number of times in the past, but always seem to want to return on occasion to see if anything has changed.  It was still the same.

The above picture is one of the old hand powered cranks that were used to open and close the lock doors when the barge entered.  200 yrs. ago, there was no such thing as electric motors or other devices.  Everything had to be done by hand.  There used to be a round hand wheel on the top, but that’s gone.  Where I have no idea.  With barges coming in and out of the Lock, it must have been a hard job to have to turn these cranks all day long.  Now, they sit rusting away and never used.

Here’s what the old lock looks like today.  Looking down it’s a good 30 ft. drop from where I’m standing.  The Stone walls were all placed here by hand to form the Lock walls.  At the far end is where the boats where left in and out.  Years ago, the white wall was a huge wooden door that has since fell apart from age.  It was replaced by the cement wall that you see now.  Back then there were no trees here or a chain link fence.  The foliage grew over time and the chain link fence was installed for safety.  If you are very un-fortunate to fall in here, you won’t get out.  That water has been there for a long time.  No telling what’s in there!

This is looking back to the ole’ Lock from the river side.  The Historical Committee of our Township keeps this area in repair as much as possible.  It is something from our past that helped shape our Nation many years ago.




On July 2nd, 1863 this area in the outskirts of Gettysburg was fiercely contested between the Army of Northern Virginia & the Army of the Potomac.

Known as the Wheatfield both Army’s clashed here on this open field, each one trying to gain advantage over the other.  Thousands of men fought here in the heat of that afternoon.  When the fight sort of ended here, there were more than 6,000 men that laid dead or dying.  There were so many dead that it was reported you could walk across this field and not touch the ground!  It is also one of the more haunted area’s of the Civil War in Gettysburg.  Reports have stated that you hear strange noises, civil war Soldiers walking in the distance, and cannon fire when there is nothing here.  Most of this happens at night when the Park is quiet.  There are some that don’t believe in Spirits & Ghosts from the past, but I always have.  A place like this, with all the horrific death that occurred, is filled with Spirits from the Past.


Of course, this is not my Image.  It was taken by the famous photographer Matthew Brady, who recorded much of the aftermath with his box camera.  Here he shows some of the thousands of Confederate dead that lay in the Wheatfield.


This one shows the horrific damage that happened during the fierce Battle between the 2 Armies.  A Confederate cannon ball tore this Federal Soldier’s left arm off and disemboweled him, thus killing him instantly!

I was just down to Gettysburg about 2 day’s ago, for the 4th time.  I just don’t seem to get tired of going here.  There is so very much to see and feel.  One can only imagine the area of Gettysburg during the fight.  Smoke, cannon fire, muskets firing, the dead & dying, wounded soldiers, and the yelling that was all over.  Now, when you Tour the Battlefield, it is quiet and peaceful.  A strange peace seems to surround the area more than 150 yrs. later.  This place is Hallowed Ground for all to remember and should be kept this way for years to come.

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As you know I spent the 4th of July holiday down here in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Most of you might have been wondering just where I stayed for that period of time.  Well, when I go down here I don’t have to pay for a expensive Hotel room.  I stay here at my Brothers house that is their “get away” home.  This is the home that my Brother & Sister-in-Law own.

Located about 2 miles from the beaches and other attractions, my Brother bought this home a number of years ago.  They go down here 3 or 4 times a year to get away to something different.  I am welcome to come here with them when they go, and enjoy every minute that I’m here.  The house is not cheap!  I won’t say how much it cost’s, but it’s darn expensive.  It has 5 bedrooms, kitchen outside Patio next to the Pond, Living Room, Dining area, and 3 bathrooms.  It’s very nice inside and air-conditioned.  All the grass mowing and up-keep around the outside of the house are taken care of by the Real Estate people that own the area.  What is inside is your responsibility.

The Pond does have fish in it.  You can fish the Pond, but only use a barb-less hook.  Called “catch & release.”  Frogs croak nightly and there are white & blue Herons that fly in once in a while.  The Fountain turn’s on every morning around 7 a.m.  During the Winter it is shut off.

Just to the right of this Image is hole #4 of a Par 3, 9 Hole Golf Course that is very well maintained and great to play.  We play the Course once or twice while there, just to keep in practice.  Even though all the Holes are a Par 3, it does have challenging holes to play.

In my opinion, my Brother is one darn lucky guy to be able to afford something like this.  Wish that I could have something such as this, but I just didn’t have a job that paid so well.  My Brother worked most all of his life for a Battery Manufacture and worked his way up the corporate ladder to be Executive to the Vice-President of the Company for over 30 yrs.  Like me, he is now retired and so is my Sister-in-Law.  A fancy home to have close to the beach and sea, is something that I’ll never have.  There is no way I could afford a place like this.  I’m just happy that he let’s me come down here!DSC_0309

This is hand-carved and made from wood.  I call it “Catch Of The Day”.

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Genny E. Wade was born on May 21, 1843.  She lived in Gettysburg, PA in a modest home that ended up being right in the center of the Battle of Gettysburg, PA.

During the fighting between the Confederate & Union Army’s, Genny was baking bread for the Union Soldiers in her small kitchen while bullets and gun-fire raged all around her home.  The Union had retreated back past her home, while the Confederate Army came thru the town. 

Some of the Confederate Sharpshooters had taken up position across the street from Genny’s home to fire on Union positions.  It is believed that a stray shot from a Confederate sharpshooters mini-ball killed Genny.  Genny Wade was the 1 and only civilian killed during the fight.


The Mini-ball that killed Genny entered the side door, passed thru another door and struck Genny in the right shoulder, passing thru her lung killing Genny in a instant.  Other bullet holes are still shown alongside the door to the right & left.  These were stray mini-balls from the fighting on July 3rd, 1863.

The Genny Wade house is open to the public for Tours on a daily basis.  I Toured her home and found it quite small.  There is not a whole lot of room.  Small kitchen, parlor, very narrow stairwell upstairs to 2 bedrooms.  Genny’s home was also hit with a Confederate cannon ball that is still lodged in a upstairs brick wall.

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Where has everyone gone?  This was taken on July 5th, the day after a Holiday.  There is a huge change in the beaches from before.  Not too many beach goes here anymore.  Most people have gone home and hope to return at a later time.  It seems kinda funny, that something so full just a day before, is so empty now.  Beaches have been cleaned of trash by the Delaware Park Service.  That’s what the tracks are from.  Otherwise, no cars, trucks, 4-wheel drive or other is allowed on the beach.


No fish today!  Rinsing off his 2 surf rods after a few hours of Surf Fishing.  He told me he did not even get a nibble.  So it goes.  Some day’s you win  .  .  .  some day’s you loose.  I have a Surf Rod and Reel, but never use it.  Surf Rods are about 12 ft. long and they take practice throwing the hook, line, and sinker way out there in the Surf where the fish are.  I have 6 different Rod & Reels that are never used.  Maybe I should try my luck?

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Passing to Port

Being in the US Navy for 11 yrs., I had to learn Nautical terms.  Passing to Port means that you are going to pass another ship/boat off their left side.  Port in Nautical terms means “left side”  Starboard means “right side.”


Using my Paint Shop Pro X7 Photo program, I finialy figured out how to enlarge a Image to get closer to the subject.  Not hard to do once I got it right.  Now, I know.  It’s much better!


Gone fishin’  Steady as she goes. 

The term “Steady As She Goes” is a Nautical phrase for straight ahead and steady up on the nearest heading.

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