In Independence Park, Philadelphia this is the “Ghost Outline” of Ben Franklin’s Home and where it stood back in the 1700’s.

The Park Service tried to save Ben Franklin’s original Home, but it was in such poor condition that it could not be saved.  The only things that were original is where his court yard was, which you see on the left and right of this Image.  The Court Yard was in poor condition also, but was repaired by the Park Service Archeologists. 

The “Ghost Outline” was built in the exact same spot where the house stood.  Called a Ghost Outline it shows how big the home was and the entrance way.  Beyond the House in the rear is where his Post Office was and still is.  They even found where the “privy” was and is now enclosed in glass/plastic.  It is a brick lined deep hole in the ground located just off to the left of the Image.

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