Here I shot a Image of the beach at Bethany.  This was taken on the morning of the 4th of July to show just how crowded it get’s on a Holiday.  It was just plain nut’s!  Beach goers are crowding almost every space they can find.  On a beautiful warm sunny day everyone wants to hit the beach for some sun & fun, and this is just one of the 3 or 4 different beaches in the area.

All of the beaches on this day were crowded.  There was no getting away from all the people.  The boardwalk is full, shops and stores were filled with shoppers wanting to buy what they were interested in.  The beach merchants are hoping for day’s like this, so they can make some money to keep their business running.  No beer or alcoholic beverages are allowed here.  However, that does not stop them from people bringing it in with coolers.  A good portion of beach goers abide by this rule, but there are some that don’t care.  It’s a free beach.  You don’t have to pay a fee to sit or swim for this one, where some beaches will charge you $10.00 or more.  This is not including the charge to park your car!  With all these people, there are not many parking spaces left over.  Sometimes you have to drive around for awhile before finding a space.

The Hotel’s around here are expensive to stay in for a week.  You can expect to pay more than $200.00 for one night here!  Down in Ocean City it is lot’s more, depending on where you stay!  Hotel’s require a minimum of 2 nights or more.  Families staying in the area can spend more than $1000.00 for a weeks stay.  That’s not including the money spent on food, gas, and souvenirs for those who want to buy.  Most beach lovers save for day’s like this all year long.  The Hotel’s all hope to get filled, also.  A whole lot of money flows thru this area during the Summer months.

However, not for me.  Since I only live about a 3 hr. drive from the beach area’s I can drive down here, spend the day doing what I want, and drive back home.  I can do some photography, play some golf, sightsee, do some fishing, and then head home.  Guess that I’m lucky!

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  1. If I go to the beach, I go off season but still when the weather is warm. The hotels are less expensive and the beach less crowded! What we saw on the 4th of July were lots and lots of pleasure boats on Lake Chautauqua, taking up every bit of water along the shore. We saw people jumping out of their boats into the water. I think every boat was playing its own style of music. There was a lot of laughter and and a party atmosphere. That night would be fireworks, and those boats would have front row seats.

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