Where has everyone gone?  This was taken on July 5th, the day after a Holiday.  There is a huge change in the beaches from before.  Not too many beach goes here anymore.  Most people have gone home and hope to return at a later time.  It seems kinda funny, that something so full just a day before, is so empty now.  Beaches have been cleaned of trash by the Delaware Park Service.  That’s what the tracks are from.  Otherwise, no cars, trucks, 4-wheel drive or other is allowed on the beach.


No fish today!  Rinsing off his 2 surf rods after a few hours of Surf Fishing.  He told me he did not even get a nibble.  So it goes.  Some day’s you win  .  .  .  some day’s you loose.  I have a Surf Rod and Reel, but never use it.  Surf Rods are about 12 ft. long and they take practice throwing the hook, line, and sinker way out there in the Surf where the fish are.  I have 6 different Rod & Reels that are never used.  Maybe I should try my luck?

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