As you know I spent the 4th of July holiday down here in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Most of you might have been wondering just where I stayed for that period of time.  Well, when I go down here I don’t have to pay for a expensive Hotel room.  I stay here at my Brothers house that is their “get away” home.  This is the home that my Brother & Sister-in-Law own.

Located about 2 miles from the beaches and other attractions, my Brother bought this home a number of years ago.  They go down here 3 or 4 times a year to get away to something different.  I am welcome to come here with them when they go, and enjoy every minute that I’m here.  The house is not cheap!  I won’t say how much it cost’s, but it’s darn expensive.  It has 5 bedrooms, kitchen outside Patio next to the Pond, Living Room, Dining area, and 3 bathrooms.  It’s very nice inside and air-conditioned.  All the grass mowing and up-keep around the outside of the house are taken care of by the Real Estate people that own the area.  What is inside is your responsibility.

The Pond does have fish in it.  You can fish the Pond, but only use a barb-less hook.  Called “catch & release.”  Frogs croak nightly and there are white & blue Herons that fly in once in a while.  The Fountain turn’s on every morning around 7 a.m.  During the Winter it is shut off.

Just to the right of this Image is hole #4 of a Par 3, 9 Hole Golf Course that is very well maintained and great to play.  We play the Course once or twice while there, just to keep in practice.  Even though all the Holes are a Par 3, it does have challenging holes to play.

In my opinion, my Brother is one darn lucky guy to be able to afford something like this.  Wish that I could have something such as this, but I just didn’t have a job that paid so well.  My Brother worked most all of his life for a Battery Manufacture and worked his way up the corporate ladder to be Executive to the Vice-President of the Company for over 30 yrs.  Like me, he is now retired and so is my Sister-in-Law.  A fancy home to have close to the beach and sea, is something that I’ll never have.  There is no way I could afford a place like this.  I’m just happy that he let’s me come down here!DSC_0309

This is hand-carved and made from wood.  I call it “Catch Of The Day”.

Thanks for stopping by.


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