Genny E. Wade was born on May 21, 1843.  She lived in Gettysburg, PA in a modest home that ended up being right in the center of the Battle of Gettysburg, PA.

During the fighting between the Confederate & Union Army’s, Genny was baking bread for the Union Soldiers in her small kitchen while bullets and gun-fire raged all around her home.  The Union had retreated back past her home, while the Confederate Army came thru the town. 

Some of the Confederate Sharpshooters had taken up position across the street from Genny’s home to fire on Union positions.  It is believed that a stray shot from a Confederate sharpshooters mini-ball killed Genny.  Genny Wade was the 1 and only civilian killed during the fight.


The Mini-ball that killed Genny entered the side door, passed thru another door and struck Genny in the right shoulder, passing thru her lung killing Genny in a instant.  Other bullet holes are still shown alongside the door to the right & left.  These were stray mini-balls from the fighting on July 3rd, 1863.

The Genny Wade house is open to the public for Tours on a daily basis.  I Toured her home and found it quite small.  There is not a whole lot of room.  Small kitchen, parlor, very narrow stairwell upstairs to 2 bedrooms.  Genny’s home was also hit with a Confederate cannon ball that is still lodged in a upstairs brick wall.

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