On July 2nd, 1863 this area in the outskirts of Gettysburg was fiercely contested between the Army of Northern Virginia & the Army of the Potomac.

Known as the Wheatfield both Army’s clashed here on this open field, each one trying to gain advantage over the other.  Thousands of men fought here in the heat of that afternoon.  When the fight sort of ended here, there were more than 6,000 men that laid dead or dying.  There were so many dead that it was reported you could walk across this field and not touch the ground!  It is also one of the more haunted area’s of the Civil War in Gettysburg.  Reports have stated that you hear strange noises, civil war Soldiers walking in the distance, and cannon fire when there is nothing here.  Most of this happens at night when the Park is quiet.  There are some that don’t believe in Spirits & Ghosts from the past, but I always have.  A place like this, with all the horrific death that occurred, is filled with Spirits from the Past.


Of course, this is not my Image.  It was taken by the famous photographer Matthew Brady, who recorded much of the aftermath with his box camera.  Here he shows some of the thousands of Confederate dead that lay in the Wheatfield.


This one shows the horrific damage that happened during the fierce Battle between the 2 Armies.  A Confederate cannon ball tore this Federal Soldier’s left arm off and disemboweled him, thus killing him instantly!

I was just down to Gettysburg about 2 day’s ago, for the 4th time.  I just don’t seem to get tired of going here.  There is so very much to see and feel.  One can only imagine the area of Gettysburg during the fight.  Smoke, cannon fire, muskets firing, the dead & dying, wounded soldiers, and the yelling that was all over.  Now, when you Tour the Battlefield, it is quiet and peaceful.  A strange peace seems to surround the area more than 150 yrs. later.  This place is Hallowed Ground for all to remember and should be kept this way for years to come.

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  1. Les, have you ever visited the battlefield at night? Just wondering.
    Not long ago I was reviewing some pictures of an ancient limestone cave in Sicily. It was actually a limestone quarry. I noticed “orbs” in one of the photos, but not in the photo taken moments before, nor in one taken moments after. Just sayin’

    1. No, MK, I have not done that. Even though I’ve been here 4 times, I’ve never driven thru the Park at night time. The Gates close at 10 p.m. However, I have taken a Ghost Tour that is offered in the Town at night. It was very interesting to hear what the Guide told us. I think that I had made a Post on that before. Gettysburg has had so many, many documentary’s about how haunted it really is. I myself have never seen anything . If you so desire, type in your Browser “Ghosts of Gettysburg” and you’ll see all kinds of strange things.

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