Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided to take my camera and re-visit the old Schyukill Canal Lock that is just but a  10 min. drive from my home.  I’ve been here a number of times in the past, but always seem to want to return on occasion to see if anything has changed.  It was still the same.

The above picture is one of the old hand powered cranks that were used to open and close the lock doors when the barge entered.  200 yrs. ago, there was no such thing as electric motors or other devices.  Everything had to be done by hand.  There used to be a round hand wheel on the top, but that’s gone.  Where I have no idea.  With barges coming in and out of the Lock, it must have been a hard job to have to turn these cranks all day long.  Now, they sit rusting away and never used.

Here’s what the old lock looks like today.  Looking down it’s a good 30 ft. drop from where I’m standing.  The Stone walls were all placed here by hand to form the Lock walls.  At the far end is where the boats where left in and out.  Years ago, the white wall was a huge wooden door that has since fell apart from age.  It was replaced by the cement wall that you see now.  Back then there were no trees here or a chain link fence.  The foliage grew over time and the chain link fence was installed for safety.  If you are very un-fortunate to fall in here, you won’t get out.  That water has been there for a long time.  No telling what’s in there!

This is looking back to the ole’ Lock from the river side.  The Historical Committee of our Township keeps this area in repair as much as possible.  It is something from our past that helped shape our Nation many years ago.

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