For the past few months, I have been reading the book “Holocaust” written by Martin Gilbert.  It’s quite a thick book to read.  Just about 1000 pages long and very well written about the Jewish people and how horrible they were treated during the Second World War.  The book goes into graphic detail just what the Nazi War Machine did to the German, Polish, and Soviet Jews.  Just one of the many, many atrocities committed by the Nazi SS was the extermination of Jews in the Ukraine.

Jewish people in the Ukraine were rounded up, made to strip naked, and forced into a place that was called “The Babbi Yhr”  which was nothing but a deep ravine.  I had to do some Internet research about this and found out what happened.  Here in 1941 the Nazi’s lined up the Jewish people and shot them all just because they were of the Jewish Religion!  The Nazi’s tried to exterminate every living Jew during the War.  Why, I ask?

Babi Yar Massacre

Here I found some Images off the Internet on what happened.  It shows the German SS lining up the Jewish people and just executing them in cold blood.  Others that were dead lay at the bottom of the ravine.


Thousands of Jewish people were shot in this manner.  After the murder was done, the bodies were covered over with lime and dirt.  They still remain where they died to this day.  Memorials to this terrible atrocity have been placed here to remember, and never let History forget how horrible, disgusting, and despicable mankind can be to another human being.

I have no real words that can describe how I feel about this.  Jewish people were treated this way just because of their Religion?  My God! I have nothing against the Jewish Relegion or the Jewish people.  Never did.  My Mother being in the Second World War described to me that WWII is when the World went mad!  It did.

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  1. There is an interesting book called “Ordinary Men” that was written about the people who carried out a lot of these mass murders. Most were middle aged reserve German soldiers or policeman along with some local people. While some were Nazis, many were not. The book studies how ordinary people can be inspired to do such terrible things.

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