One day, last Winter, while driving around looking for photo’s to shoot, I came across this old rusty Snow Cat that was sitting at a antique dealer.  It looked like crap with all the rust that was on it.  It was darn cold when I shot this.  Weather was down in the low 20’s.  My hands and feet were starting to get cold.

The sign on the windshield said that it was for Sale.  What!  For Sale?  The darn thing looks like it has seen it’s better day’s.  Not really.  The owner told me that it runs real good!  Can you believe that?  I think that the sign say’s $6000.  I don’t think so!  Looks like it will fall apart in minutes!  But, he say’s that it will run.  He wanted me to buy it.  No thanks, I said.  What the heck would I do with this thing?

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Took a drive back up to the Coal Region area that is just North of our Home just to see if I could capture anything that I’d missed on previous trips.  After driving around for awhile I ended up just West of the town of Shenandoah (pronounced “Shen-en-dha”) to all the local people that live in this area.  Here is the old St. Nickoles Coal Breaker that has been here for a long time.  It once produced finished Coal that was distributed all over the State and other places.  The last time I was here, the old Breaker still had it’s sides to it, but now it’s being completely torn down to make room for something else, but not sure what it will be.


The Coal Chute/Conveyor is still here, but not for long.  This chute is where the raw coal was loaded into the top of the Breaker where the process started.  There is not much here but lot’s of Coal dust and dirt, as you can see by the color.  The Coal dirt has a bad habit of sticking to your shoes and you have to dust it off before getting into your car.


This very large column of cement is something left over from day’s gone by.  I have no clue what it used to be used for.  It’s just there, sticking out of the ground.  Notice the different color’s of the ground.  Coal clum is everywhere around here.


This used to be a “Weight Station” where the Coal trucks were weighted before leaving the Breaker.  Not used anymore, it will end up being just a memory from years ago.  Also, notice the large pile of Clum in the background.


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