There seems to be a big battle going on about which is better  .   .   .  B&W Photography or Color Photography.

For me, I tend to like both of them.  Each one has it’s advantages.  Here with this Image I think that the B&W for this is better because it tends to show the “oldness” of the Historic building.  When I shoot old Historic buildings and area’s around where I live I use the B&W conversion that is on my Nikon D7000.  I have it on my Pentax, also, as well as my Nikon Coolpix P600, which I have not used that much. 


Here is a old “idler wheel” that was used at one time to process Corn into Flour at the old Flour Mill shown above.  This was probably not a Drive Wheel, because there are no gears machined into it.  The only problem that I have with B&W Images, is that the photo does not show the color of the subject.  Even though there was not that much color to it,  the white on the fence it’s resting on would have shown up better and gave the wheel a better background.  I was un-decided about this one.

This was another Image that I went back & forth with.  It was taken while at sea on our way to the Bahamas 2 yrs. ago.  If this was in color, it would have shown the blue sea with the gold of the setting sun on the horizon.  Here it shows just 2 colors  .   .   .  Black & White.  Another thing is that it doesn’t show the rhythm of the flowing sea.  Just my opinion.


Here is the same picture as shown above.  Which one do you prefer?  B&W or Color.  Images were taken with my Pentax K10D 28-210mm Lens.

Stonersville Hotel-1

Again, the old Stonersville Hotel.  Here I wanted to show the great color of the 1800’s Hotel since it has been given a Face lift from the many years that it stood here.  A B&W Image would not show that.  Nor would it show the blue sky and white clouds in contrast.

Guess that by now you’ve gotten my drift on the battle going on.  Some people prefer B&W all the time.  Some like color all the time.  Not me.  I like both of them.

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Just maybe, your getting tired of the Fair posts, so this will be my last one.

As I had mentioned before on a previous Post about the Fair, another one of the favorites here is the great good that is all hand made.  Here I’m showing just one of the 5 different lines that extend way back behind the Image.  French Fries is very popular along with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak Sandwiches, Ice Cream & Funnel Cakes.  Fair goers stand in lines so long just to get some of this food.


This is just a sample of the thousands of people coming here to eat.  Crowds like this tend to get to me after awhile.  Gotta get away from them all.


Something else the Fair can do is wear you out!  Here one of the workers in a kitchen takes a break.  She is just plain beat!  A rather strange way to take a snooze.


Prize winning Goat.





Most of the farm animals are pigs, goats, cattle, steers, and different types of cows.  They are entered for judgment and may win a prize or Blue Ribbon.  Here is Momma Pig and her 2 piglets.  The other 7 are out of the image!

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Among the many other items that are on display here at the Fair, is Flowers, that people grow themselves and enter them for judgment and maybe a Blue Ribbon.  They do this at their own cost.  This is just one of the many exhibits.

orange flower.jpg

Award Winning Flower Arrangement.  Pretty colors

purple flower.jpg

I do appreciate Nature in all Her splendor.toned flower.jpg

Yellow flower.jpg

I shot all these flowers, but I have no idea what kind they are.  They are just pretty to look at.  The one sign on the table say’s “Don’t Touch!”  Guess not.

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For the past 50 yrs. and more the Oley Valley has been putting on a Fair for all to come and have some fun, walk around to see the many displays, eat the great food, and enjoy the many things the Fair has to offer.  I can remember going here since I was in HS and it has always been great to be here.  Lot’s and lot’s of Fair goers come here for the 3 day event.  The Fairgrounds is just full of people that come here from miles around the area.  They have rides for the kids and all kinds of different displays from Farm machinery to lawn mowers.  Just about all you could want to see at a County Fair.  Here, above, people are dancing to the hit sounds of a very good 50’s & 60’s band that plays every night, along with other bands that come in.


Here I wanted to capture the lights above one of the kids rides with the Moon in the background.

Tea Cup.jpg

Here is another shot of another colorful light display.  I think this ride is called the Tea Party.  Very similar to the one you see at Disney.


Since there are really thousands of people that come here, the Police have one heck of a job controlling the cars that are looking for a place to park.  Behind me is a huge field where the cars are told to park.  It also will cost you $5.00 to park your car.  All the money goes to the Fair to pay bills, with some profit left over.  The Cop here was looking right at my lens, so I pressed the shutter.  Here he say’s “STOP.”  He does a job that I could never do.  People will run you over if you don’t pay attention.  The White door in the background goes into my old High School.  It’s still there after all these years.  Brings memories for me.

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This is a Image of the Bieber Flour Mill that has been on this spot for over 200 yrs.  At one time, years ago, this Mill produced Flour for the surrounding area.  It also has been in operation producing Flour up till 1988, when the Owner passed away.  The Farm to the left and behind are the orginal buildings. 

There are quite a number of Mills around the Historic Oley Valley.  Some of them, like this one, still stand.  Others have fallen apart and lost into History.  This Mill still has the original working equipment inside, so I was told.  I wanted to go inside and shoot some Images of what the old machinery looked like, but was told not too by the Owner.  This is for safety reasons.  I’m sure that they don’t want me getting hurt.

If you look close on the right side, at the bottom, is where the wagons came in with corn.  The Wagon was then weighed and the Owner paid for his weight.  The weigh station is still there, but off to the right.

I talked with the Owner for a short time and asked if I could walk the property and shoot Images.  He had no problem with that, as long as I don’t make a profit with my camera.  I told him that I don’t do that.  It is against the Law to shoot Images on someone’s property and make a profit from them, unless you have their approval.

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Hello there, everyone!  I’m still here, but just have not made many Posts for awhile.  I’m pickey on what I post about.  Anyway .  .  . 

This is a Image of the “above ground” Pool that belonged to our neighbor right next door to us.  They had bought this Pool about 2 yrs. ago and used it for just a little while during the Summer 2 yrs. ago.  The only big problem here is that no one is here.  The Pool has been abandoned!  Along with the Home and property that it sits on.  The younger couple that lived here just up and left the property and moved into a apartment.  Darn.  That’s not a good thing to do.

The house right to the left, but out of the Image, is not bad looking.  It needs some work, but otherwise in good shape.  It’s a 2-story home and was built around 1977.  From what I hear is that they borrowed more money from the bank than what the house & property are worth!  A stupid move on their part.  One thing you should never do is put yourself in debt for more than what your worth.

For 2 yrs. now this has stood here with no one here.  It’s for Sale, but there have been no buyers that I know of.  It just sit’s here waiting for someone to buy it.  The Pool Filter does not work at all and it’s full of leaves.  If someone doesen’t purchase this property, it’s going to fall into disrepair.  This is not good either.  Buy not keeping the property in good shape, it’s going to decrease the value of my Home and others around it.  That will make me angry!  I hope that someone buy’s this Home soon.

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There are a number of old Farmsteads in and around my neck of the woods.  This is another one.  This one is registered on the Berks County National Historical Sites.


More of the Farm area.


The old Barn.  My car sits in the background.  If you haven’t noticed from my previous Posts, most of the old Barns all have the same shape and size.  Guess back then it was a common practice.



Here you can see just how common “Cold Cellars” used to be.  This one is under repair.


A few of the real old structures have a plaque, usually up on the junction of the eves.  There are some that don’t have anything.  Others have a plain cement plaque located on the side of the house somewhere that say’s when it was built.  The sign out front of the property say’s “Jacob Keim Farmstead 1753.”  This one say’s 1732.  Maybe this is when the house was built.  The rest came later on.

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