Greetings to you all.  Sorry that I have not been posting much here lately, but I’m still comfortable with that.  I just don’t post about any ole’ thing.  I try to give something interesting out to those who enjoy History, like me.  I also try to photograph interesting subjects that are around my area.

Here is a group of old buildings that must date back to the early 1800’s.  They were on a abandoned farm that I just happen to come across one day while driving around the back roads.  You can tell they are rather old, by the way the stone is on the structure and how the windows look.  Just how old these are I have no clue.  Someone still own’s the property, because the grass is kept mowed.  Maybe for Historic reasons.


Old Barn.  There is no one here.  HDR by Photomatrix.


Flour Mill.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it.



  1. Always love photos of buildings that were standing in my grandfather’s time. Great shots. I like the HDR interpretation you did with Photomatrix. Was that a single image HDR, or did you have a set of exposure brackets?

    1. These were done with a single image. I should do it with a set of exposure brackets, but I’m not sure how to using my Nikon D7000. On top of that, I forget about taking photo’s using the suggested method. I also get tired of lugging a tripod around with me. A Monopod is much easier and lighter.

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