Hello there, everyone!  I’m still here, but just have not made many Posts for awhile.  I’m pickey on what I post about.  Anyway .  .  . 

This is a Image of the “above ground” Pool that belonged to our neighbor right next door to us.  They had bought this Pool about 2 yrs. ago and used it for just a little while during the Summer 2 yrs. ago.  The only big problem here is that no one is here.  The Pool has been abandoned!  Along with the Home and property that it sits on.  The younger couple that lived here just up and left the property and moved into a apartment.  Darn.  That’s not a good thing to do.

The house right to the left, but out of the Image, is not bad looking.  It needs some work, but otherwise in good shape.  It’s a 2-story home and was built around 1977.  From what I hear is that they borrowed more money from the bank than what the house & property are worth!  A stupid move on their part.  One thing you should never do is put yourself in debt for more than what your worth.

For 2 yrs. now this has stood here with no one here.  It’s for Sale, but there have been no buyers that I know of.  It just sit’s here waiting for someone to buy it.  The Pool Filter does not work at all and it’s full of leaves.  If someone doesen’t purchase this property, it’s going to fall into disrepair.  This is not good either.  Buy not keeping the property in good shape, it’s going to decrease the value of my Home and others around it.  That will make me angry!  I hope that someone buy’s this Home soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


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