This is a Image of the Bieber Flour Mill that has been on this spot for over 200 yrs.  At one time, years ago, this Mill produced Flour for the surrounding area.  It also has been in operation producing Flour up till 1988, when the Owner passed away.  The Farm to the left and behind are the orginal buildings. 

There are quite a number of Mills around the Historic Oley Valley.  Some of them, like this one, still stand.  Others have fallen apart and lost into History.  This Mill still has the original working equipment inside, so I was told.  I wanted to go inside and shoot some Images of what the old machinery looked like, but was told not too by the Owner.  This is for safety reasons.  I’m sure that they don’t want me getting hurt.

If you look close on the right side, at the bottom, is where the wagons came in with corn.  The Wagon was then weighed and the Owner paid for his weight.  The weigh station is still there, but off to the right.

I talked with the Owner for a short time and asked if I could walk the property and shoot Images.  He had no problem with that, as long as I don’t make a profit with my camera.  I told him that I don’t do that.  It is against the Law to shoot Images on someone’s property and make a profit from them, unless you have their approval.

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