For the past 50 yrs. and more the Oley Valley has been putting on a Fair for all to come and have some fun, walk around to see the many displays, eat the great food, and enjoy the many things the Fair has to offer.  I can remember going here since I was in HS and it has always been great to be here.  Lot’s and lot’s of Fair goers come here for the 3 day event.  The Fairgrounds is just full of people that come here from miles around the area.  They have rides for the kids and all kinds of different displays from Farm machinery to lawn mowers.  Just about all you could want to see at a County Fair.  Here, above, people are dancing to the hit sounds of a very good 50’s & 60’s band that plays every night, along with other bands that come in.


Here I wanted to capture the lights above one of the kids rides with the Moon in the background.

Tea Cup.jpg

Here is another shot of another colorful light display.  I think this ride is called the Tea Party.  Very similar to the one you see at Disney.


Since there are really thousands of people that come here, the Police have one heck of a job controlling the cars that are looking for a place to park.  Behind me is a huge field where the cars are told to park.  It also will cost you $5.00 to park your car.  All the money goes to the Fair to pay bills, with some profit left over.  The Cop here was looking right at my lens, so I pressed the shutter.  Here he say’s “STOP.”  He does a job that I could never do.  People will run you over if you don’t pay attention.  The White door in the background goes into my old High School.  It’s still there after all these years.  Brings memories for me.

Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “THE OLEY VALLEY FAIR.1

  1. That looks like a fun place to be Les. Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Busy moving down the hall to a “renovated” apartment. I DO hope it’s an unfinished renovated apartment, because my 11 year old grandson could do better work than the people who did this.

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