Just maybe, your getting tired of the Fair posts, so this will be my last one.

As I had mentioned before on a previous Post about the Fair, another one of the favorites here is the great good that is all hand made.  Here I’m showing just one of the 5 different lines that extend way back behind the Image.  French Fries is very popular along with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak Sandwiches, Ice Cream & Funnel Cakes.  Fair goers stand in lines so long just to get some of this food.


This is just a sample of the thousands of people coming here to eat.  Crowds like this tend to get to me after awhile.  Gotta get away from them all.


Something else the Fair can do is wear you out!  Here one of the workers in a kitchen takes a break.  She is just plain beat!  A rather strange way to take a snooze.


Prize winning Goat.





Most of the farm animals are pigs, goats, cattle, steers, and different types of cows.  They are entered for judgment and may win a prize or Blue Ribbon.  Here is Momma Pig and her 2 piglets.  The other 7 are out of the image!

Thanks for stopping by.


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