There seems to be a big battle going on about which is better  .   .   .  B&W Photography or Color Photography.

For me, I tend to like both of them.  Each one has it’s advantages.  Here with this Image I think that the B&W for this is better because it tends to show the “oldness” of the Historic building.  When I shoot old Historic buildings and area’s around where I live I use the B&W conversion that is on my Nikon D7000.  I have it on my Pentax, also, as well as my Nikon Coolpix P600, which I have not used that much. 


Here is a old “idler wheel” that was used at one time to process Corn into Flour at the old Flour Mill shown above.  This was probably not a Drive Wheel, because there are no gears machined into it.  The only problem that I have with B&W Images, is that the photo does not show the color of the subject.  Even though there was not that much color to it,  the white on the fence it’s resting on would have shown up better and gave the wheel a better background.  I was un-decided about this one.

This was another Image that I went back & forth with.  It was taken while at sea on our way to the Bahamas 2 yrs. ago.  If this was in color, it would have shown the blue sea with the gold of the setting sun on the horizon.  Here it shows just 2 colors  .   .   .  Black & White.  Another thing is that it doesn’t show the rhythm of the flowing sea.  Just my opinion.


Here is the same picture as shown above.  Which one do you prefer?  B&W or Color.  Images were taken with my Pentax K10D 28-210mm Lens.

Stonersville Hotel-1

Again, the old Stonersville Hotel.  Here I wanted to show the great color of the 1800’s Hotel since it has been given a Face lift from the many years that it stood here.  A B&W Image would not show that.  Nor would it show the blue sky and white clouds in contrast.

Guess that by now you’ve gotten my drift on the battle going on.  Some people prefer B&W all the time.  Some like color all the time.  Not me.  I like both of them.

Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “B&W vs COLOR

  1. There are times when I use black and white but mostly I shoot in colour because I’m largely documenting family life. If I look at a scene on our travels, I might take note of a great tonal range, some nice pattern or repeated shape, or maybe some nice interplay between positive and negative shapes and that’s when I either shoot in monochrome or make adjustments in the knowledge that I will make it monochrome through post-production editing. So – to answer your question – sometimes an image screams out to be monochrome and other times it really needs to be recorded in colour.

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