I am sorry that I have not Posted very much again, but I’ve been spending some time getting more Images to post here for something to tell about.  I’m quite picky about what I post on my site, for the reason of not to bore my Followers that I’m thankful to have.

Fall In Pennsylvania has always been my favorite time of the year.  Around late September to early November the trees and bushes take on a whole new look.  Something that has to be appreciated every time Mother Nature puts on Her finial show in color.  Taken at the Lake Ontelaunee Watershed, a place that I go to often, to see what is new there.  The colors have not all reached their peak yet, so it’s got some time yet.  What usually happens is in late October or the beginning of November a cold wet rain and wind comes in and makes all the color disappear, thus announcing the coming of Winter.  Then it’s all gone.  Nothing but bleak trees and landscapes until it snows.  Then Nature puts on her coat of White.


I just love the brilliant colors of orange, red, and yellow’s here.  The weather was very sunny but on the cool side.  Enough for a light jacket.  This is when the air is crisp and clear.


This is not the same tree as above.  This one is more yellow.


Taken over at the Berks County Heritage Center the old Covered Bridge accents the Fall Colors of Nature.


As I travel around my area, I notice that the color of Fall is spotty.  Here there is hardly any color at all except for the normal.  Give it a week or so and this will be a blaze of color.

I have a number of other Images, but these are the best ones.  All these were taken with my Nikon D7000 camera.

Thanks for stopping by.


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