After a few months of looking around at all the different types of car’s that are offered for sale, we decided on this used 2015 Chevrolet Impala Limited, which is called a Impala LS.  We decided to buy this, with the help of our bank we deal with, since the price was pretty good.  This is the 3rd time we have gone back to the same dealer that we used twice before.  We have always been treated good here at this Dealership.  The Sales staff is always nice and does almost everything for us that we ask.

This car is much more advanced than the old 2001 Impala that we had for over 12 yrs.  The old car gave us good service, but before it would start giving us trouble we decided to get rid of it, thus getting a better price for our trade in.  This car has all kinds of different “bells & whistles” that keep the driver informed on what’s going on.  It has OnStar, Bluetooth, and Sirius Radio that we can use free for 3 months.  After that we will have to decide what we want to keep, before being charged every month for one service or the other.  OnStar is a computerized service that let’s you press a button in the car, and it will connect to a operator that will help you for what you might want.  There is allot more that it does, but it’s too long to describe.  Bluetooth will dial a number for you just by pressing a button on the steering wheel, then you can talk to your party without holding a phone.  I also just love the color RED.  It’s my favorite for many years.  This car should last us for quite a few yrs.


Just for the fun of it let’s go back in time.  This is a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS (the SS stands for Super Sport).  There have been many changes since this model came out back then.  This 64’ Chevy was a very popular car back then, and it is still sought after by car collectors.  These cars had no air-conditioning, and none of the fancy stuff we have today.  Technology has not advanced quite yet.  Still, it was one of the great cars of the 60’s that lead up to what we have today.


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For the 1st time in more than 40 yrs. I decided to take a drive into Fleetwood to see my old High School and how much it has changed in the many passing years.  In going inside, I found that there have been quite a number of changes since my learning years here.  My old HS is no longer a school, but a Administration Building that has a number of different services for the town, but still it has that old smell that I remember well.  The floors have changed, the lockers that were on the wall are gone and replaced by just a solid empty panel that you see in the foreground.  The floor has been carpeted, something that we never had.  It was just a plain linoleum floor that didn’t have much color.  The over-head lighting has been modernized to give the hallway a much brighter look.  I also see emergency spotlights that were not there before.  This Image is looking down towards the Cafeteria where the double doors are at the end. 


Looking back up the same hallway is more of where our Lockers used to be, but now just a plain empty colored space.  In my minds eye, I can see all of us teenagers in the Hallway after the class bell rang to change class’s.  Opening Lockers to grab books that were needed for the next class.  Ghost’s from the past are here.


This was taken looking down the second floor hallway to the stairway at the very end.  My “Homeroom” was the door on the right.  It’s where I went everyday to start my day at school.  Notice the radiator’s on the left side?  That’s how the school was heated during the Winter months.  There was no fancy Heat Pump System back then.  The floor was the same as down on the first floor, but now carpeted.  There also was no air-conditioning at all.  That didn’t exist back then.  When it got warm during the early Spring months, the only air we had was open all the windows.  It did get a bit warm, at times.  Here, also, I see ghosts of day’s gone by.  Us teenagers filled the halls that are now empty.

There have been other changes, also.  Now, the younger generation has a brand new High School, much bigger than what we had.  A new Gym, Soccer field, and for the first time a Football Team that we didn’t have.  The new school even has a darn swimming pool!  Can you believe that?  With all the modern conveniences that the younger generation has, compared to what we had, they are still complaining!  Maybe they should try out what we didn’t have.


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Besides enjoying doing photography and visiting Historic places around my area, I do enjoy building small projects out in my wood shop just for the fun of doing it.

Since I am a retired Machinist and have worked in the trade for over 22 yrs. I still have working knowledge of how to use woodworking/plastic/steel machinery.  Building things like this is somewhat like working in the Machinist Trade, but not anywhere near as precise.

To make this, I just used my imagination, some wood that I have around the shop, a drill press, a table saw, a chop saw, and a Scroll Saw.  The wheels I did not machine.  They were ordered from a Internet site which can supply most of what you’d want.

It takes time to build this.  Measuring and cutting the wood pieces as precise as you can takes some patience that I don’t have a whole lot of.  I worked on this for about 2 weeks to get it like you see here.  I have to give it a paint job to make it look more real, instead of just plain wood.


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The old Train Caboose that used to be seen at the end of a long train.  They are gone now, and can be only found in old train yards and museum’s.  Used for the train crew it had a coal or wood stove for cooking and heat.  Sleeping cots were usually there for long trips.  These 2 were photographed at the old Tamaqua Train Station.



The 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible Continental.  This Classic Car of the 60’s was built by Chevrolet in 1957 and almost instantly became a Classic.  With it’s distinguished rear tail fins, lights, and continental package for the spare tire it became one of the most sought after cars from that period.  Cars like this beauty can be sold for close to $80,000 or more.  The Owner told me that it took him about 10 yrs. to restore back to what you see and nearly cost him his marriage!  It is one beautiful car to see.


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train station.jpg

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the old Tamaqua Rail Station is still standing after more than 140 yrs. have passed by.  Built in 1874 it was a major Train Station from Tamaqua to many other towns and city’s North & South of here.  Used for many years, it closed it’s doors in 1961 due to declining rail travel & coal hauling.  It was abandoned in 1981 and sat empty until a 1.5 million dollar restoration brought the station back to it’s former glory.


This is what the Station looked like before the restoration.


Located on the Historic grounds is this PP&L 4093 Steam Cooker Engine that was once used to haul coal & goods from Tamaqua.  Still in great shape, it is now a display piece.Printing%202009%202%20136

This is not my Image and I must give credit to Paul Koprowski.  Here he shows the old PP&L Engine dressed up for kids rides.  The old steam engine here is coming in to the Tamaqua Rail Station.  The tracks are still used North & South to this day.

coal cart.jpg

Since the Tamaqua Train Station is located in Coal Country, this is what 1 ton of coal looks like that is in a Coal cart.  This is what was used to haul Coal out of the Mines by horse & mule in the early days when Coal was King in this area.  How would you like to load 16 of these everyday by pick and shovel using a candle for light?  This is what was done so long ago.


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Since the Fall Season is here in PA and just about to it’s peak, I’ve been “out there” doing some practice with my Pentax camera trying to capture better Images.  This one above is pretty good.  Used a different Lens and settings while the Fall Color is still here.  Soon it will turn to all brown and drab looking.


This is located just down the road from where I live.  There is a Public Park here where all can go.  Don’t know if it even has a name.  The River is just off to the left of the Image.  The Pentax still does a good job using the Bracket method for HDR.  For this I merged 5 exposers at –2/-1/0/+1/+2 using my Paint Shop Pro X7 program.  I like color.


This is my 1st try and shooting some Sunsets.  What I had to do here is have the camera on a Tripod with a slow ISO.  I also used a Pentax Remote Shutter.  Came out pretty good, but it could be better.  Practice is what it takes.


Here I’m running out of light, so I took a good educated guess at what settings to use.  It’s not easy trying to remember all of what you have been told or read in books and magazines.  This is one of the reason’s I “get out there.”


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