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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the old Tamaqua Rail Station is still standing after more than 140 yrs. have passed by.  Built in 1874 it was a major Train Station from Tamaqua to many other towns and city’s North & South of here.  Used for many years, it closed it’s doors in 1961 due to declining rail travel & coal hauling.  It was abandoned in 1981 and sat empty until a 1.5 million dollar restoration brought the station back to it’s former glory.


This is what the Station looked like before the restoration.


Located on the Historic grounds is this PP&L 4093 Steam Cooker Engine that was once used to haul coal & goods from Tamaqua.  Still in great shape, it is now a display piece.Printing%202009%202%20136

This is not my Image and I must give credit to Paul Koprowski.  Here he shows the old PP&L Engine dressed up for kids rides.  The old steam engine here is coming in to the Tamaqua Rail Station.  The tracks are still used North & South to this day.

coal cart.jpg

Since the Tamaqua Train Station is located in Coal Country, this is what 1 ton of coal looks like that is in a Coal cart.  This is what was used to haul Coal out of the Mines by horse & mule in the early days when Coal was King in this area.  How would you like to load 16 of these everyday by pick and shovel using a candle for light?  This is what was done so long ago.


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