The old Train Caboose that used to be seen at the end of a long train.  They are gone now, and can be only found in old train yards and museum’s.  Used for the train crew it had a coal or wood stove for cooking and heat.  Sleeping cots were usually there for long trips.  These 2 were photographed at the old Tamaqua Train Station.



The 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible Continental.  This Classic Car of the 60’s was built by Chevrolet in 1957 and almost instantly became a Classic.  With it’s distinguished rear tail fins, lights, and continental package for the spare tire it became one of the most sought after cars from that period.  Cars like this beauty can be sold for close to $80,000 or more.  The Owner told me that it took him about 10 yrs. to restore back to what you see and nearly cost him his marriage!  It is one beautiful car to see.


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