For the 1st time in more than 40 yrs. I decided to take a drive into Fleetwood to see my old High School and how much it has changed in the many passing years.  In going inside, I found that there have been quite a number of changes since my learning years here.  My old HS is no longer a school, but a Administration Building that has a number of different services for the town, but still it has that old smell that I remember well.  The floors have changed, the lockers that were on the wall are gone and replaced by just a solid empty panel that you see in the foreground.  The floor has been carpeted, something that we never had.  It was just a plain linoleum floor that didn’t have much color.  The over-head lighting has been modernized to give the hallway a much brighter look.  I also see emergency spotlights that were not there before.  This Image is looking down towards the Cafeteria where the double doors are at the end. 


Looking back up the same hallway is more of where our Lockers used to be, but now just a plain empty colored space.  In my minds eye, I can see all of us teenagers in the Hallway after the class bell rang to change class’s.  Opening Lockers to grab books that were needed for the next class.  Ghost’s from the past are here.


This was taken looking down the second floor hallway to the stairway at the very end.  My “Homeroom” was the door on the right.  It’s where I went everyday to start my day at school.  Notice the radiator’s on the left side?  That’s how the school was heated during the Winter months.  There was no fancy Heat Pump System back then.  The floor was the same as down on the first floor, but now carpeted.  There also was no air-conditioning at all.  That didn’t exist back then.  When it got warm during the early Spring months, the only air we had was open all the windows.  It did get a bit warm, at times.  Here, also, I see ghosts of day’s gone by.  Us teenagers filled the halls that are now empty.

There have been other changes, also.  Now, the younger generation has a brand new High School, much bigger than what we had.  A new Gym, Soccer field, and for the first time a Football Team that we didn’t have.  The new school even has a darn swimming pool!  Can you believe that?  With all the modern conveniences that the younger generation has, compared to what we had, they are still complaining!  Maybe they should try out what we didn’t have.


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One thought on “SCHOOL DAY’S

  1. Hello Les. I was moving my menu items about, and just reread my post about getting school supplies, on which you had left a kind comment. I thought I’d have a peek at your blog, and here you are doing a school post! Those corridors must have been pretty crowded with lockers and kids filling them. A nice trip down memory lane.

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