After a few months of looking around at all the different types of car’s that are offered for sale, we decided on this used 2015 Chevrolet Impala Limited, which is called a Impala LS.  We decided to buy this, with the help of our bank we deal with, since the price was pretty good.  This is the 3rd time we have gone back to the same dealer that we used twice before.  We have always been treated good here at this Dealership.  The Sales staff is always nice and does almost everything for us that we ask.

This car is much more advanced than the old 2001 Impala that we had for over 12 yrs.  The old car gave us good service, but before it would start giving us trouble we decided to get rid of it, thus getting a better price for our trade in.  This car has all kinds of different “bells & whistles” that keep the driver informed on what’s going on.  It has OnStar, Bluetooth, and Sirius Radio that we can use free for 3 months.  After that we will have to decide what we want to keep, before being charged every month for one service or the other.  OnStar is a computerized service that let’s you press a button in the car, and it will connect to a operator that will help you for what you might want.  There is allot more that it does, but it’s too long to describe.  Bluetooth will dial a number for you just by pressing a button on the steering wheel, then you can talk to your party without holding a phone.  I also just love the color RED.  It’s my favorite for many years.  This car should last us for quite a few yrs.


Just for the fun of it let’s go back in time.  This is a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS (the SS stands for Super Sport).  There have been many changes since this model came out back then.  This 64’ Chevy was a very popular car back then, and it is still sought after by car collectors.  These cars had no air-conditioning, and none of the fancy stuff we have today.  Technology has not advanced quite yet.  Still, it was one of the great cars of the 60’s that lead up to what we have today.


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