7th ave.jpg

Here is NYC on 7th Ave.


Here is the same Image, but in full color.  Can’t decide which is better.

When we visited NYC last year we decided to take a bus tour that would take us all over the City to see the important sights.  Sitting on top of the open-air bus we could see most everything.  It was a nice view, but it did have some disadvantages.  One thing we had to watch for is low over-hanging branches from trees, like you see coming.  Just had to duck your head at times.  This Image was taken from on top of the bus using my Pentax K100D.

We spent the whole day in NYC.  Traveling on the bus tour took up most of the time.  NYC has always been a fast paced City that never seems to sleep or slow down.  It’s always alive with people from all over the world.  Lot’s of people!  City Taxi’s, fire trucks, ambulances, cop cars on patrol, and bicycle message runners dart in and out of traffic everywhere.  Broadway & Times Square are even worse!  You can get yourself run over by a taxi real easy.

There is so much to see and take in while here.  Ellis Island where all the immigrants came in long ago is a huge museum pretty much as it was yrs. ago.  See where John Lennon was shot, the American History Museum, City Park, and much much more.  This is one City that I could never drive in.  So much traffic and the way people drive is nuts!  With the Holidays approaching NYC will be all decked out in lights for all to see.

2 thoughts on “NYC

  1. I love visiting NYC but I could not live there. It’s way too fast paced and hectic for me these days. After over a decade of rural life, I’m having to adjust to the suburbs. No way would I manage to live in NYC at this juncture. It’s a fantastic city though and it’s very cool that we can visit it so easily.

    Of your photos, I prefer the colour version. The line of yellow cabs are not just iconic but also lead the eye into the photo and the green of the foliage is a nice contrast to the man made structures.

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