The once mighty Bethlehem Steel Plant.

From the start of this Steel Plant back in the early 1900’s this place produced and made Steel for much of the USA until it’s demise in 1996.  It made Steel for bridges, buildings, and railroads that helped our Country grow during the Industrial Years.  It employed over 30,000 steel workers that kept the plant running 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week for over 100 yrs.  These Blast Furnaces would glow red against the night sky and fill the surrounding area with the noise of Steel making.

However, failure of Top Management, to compete with the foreign steel makers such as Japan the Steel Plant here started it’s slide into failure.  High prices of Steel, corporate greed, Pensions, and workers being paid very high wages are just some of the reasons of failure.  Failure to manufacture Steel at a better price than it’s competitors, and keep the same quality saw this mighty giant of Steel close it’s doors.

Now, Bethlehem Steel is just a ghost of what it once was.  Many of the empty buildings have been torn down. The place is quiet now, except for the sound of tourists that come here to see what used to be.  No longer is heard the sound of Steel manufacture.  The Blast Furnace’s are dark and rusting away.  Empty buildings now have lot’s of dust, steel junk, and ghosts of the employees that made this place what it was.

I have been up here 2 times now, and shot quite a number of Images.  You can get “up close & personnel” with the Blast Furnace’s.  It’s something called “The Steel Walk” where a steel cat-walk was built right up next to the Furnaces where you can see all the equipment, pipes, and vents that used to glow with heat so many yrs. ago.  I’ll show you just how close I could get in later Posts.


Just some of the left over buildings that once were filled with Steel workers.  The structure on the left was elevated railway that I will Post about later on.  There is only one problem about being here.  That is, most of the structures are all enclosed in a link fence that is just over 6 ft. high.  You can’t get closer to what you see.  This is one part they didn’t get to yet.  I will be making more Posts about this Historic area.

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