This is what I was describing in my last post about the Steel Walkway that has been built up and around the area where the Blast Furnaces are.  You can walk down the whole thing, touch what used to be red hot, and feel what it may have been like long ago.  The Walkway extends a good 1/8th of a mile long.  Enough to cover all 5 Blast Furnaces.  To get here you have to climb a set of steel steps that take you right up close and personnel.

_DSC0562 -1

This is looking up at Blast Furnace #2.

_DSC0554 -1

This is the material hoist that supplied the furnace with the raw materials that made the steel. There used to be large buckets (like shown in the previous Image) that traveled up and down the furnace.  Raw material was loaded from the base and hoisted up to the top and dumped into the Furnace.  Notice the cat-walks high above me.  That area I could not get too.  Not so sure if I wanted to, because it’s way up there!  I don’t like heights that much.

_DSC0546 (2)

This was photographed from the ground level looking up towards the 2 of 5 Blast Furnaces.

On my next post, I’ll show you how the Slag (scrap) was hauled away from the steel making process.

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