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When the mighty Bethlehem Steel Plant was in full operation years ago, these Slag Cars are the ones that ran up and down the Steel Furnace’s to collect the Slag (scrap) from the making of Steel.  There were 6 of them in all.  The operation of them was a driver was stationed on each end.  That’s what those doors on either end were for.  Slag was dumped into these cars and deposited in a scrap area nearby.  All the the steel scrap was red hot!  You can see the marks left by the heat on this car.  Now, the cars are done with their job.  Weeds now grow where heat used to be.


As you can see, this is not my Image.  I appreciate the photographer that has this.  However, this is a old Image of what the Slag cars used to be when in operation.  The is only 1 that I could photograph.  The rest were in storage at the end of the railway.  The Steel Slag car was photographed down near the end of that big black stack in the distance.  Some of the buildings shown here are now gone, but exist in memory of those who worked so hard here.


This is the entrance to the Steel Mill


Old buildings that were once busy, now stand empty.


Have a nice Christmas from the Bethlehem Steel Plant.

This is my last Post about the Steel Stacks.  I hope that you all enjoyed my Posts as much as I do making them.  I have a number of other Images, but don’t think I should get carried away.

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