The weather here has not been very good, so far.  It’s been cloudy, windy, and cold.  Not really great for getting out there and “snooping around” with my Nikon.  So, with that in mind I more or less have to Post something so my followers don’t forget about me.  With this New Year, I’m looking forward to getting “out there” as much as I can for something new.

The above Image is of the Main Generating Wheel at Bethlehem Steel that now no longer works.  This thing is huge!  What it did, at one time, is supply the steel plant with air that could be used in different applications.  To give you an idea on just how big it is, that fence you see around it is 6 feet tall.  It only cover’s about half the size of it.  The round wheel must be more than 12 feet around or bigger.  In the foreground, covered up, is a shaft that pushed a ram back and forth driving a large piston that forced air into huge pipes that are no longer there.  The huge tanks on the upper left of the Image is where the air was stored.  Most of the time, this wheel was turning 24 hrs. a day, 7 day’s a week.  Can you just imagine the wind this thing made?  Needless to say, the was not much safety back then.  Get caught in that thing and you are gone!

Now, it sit’s never to be used again.  It stands in testimony to the structures that helped supply our County with Steel to build so very much.


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