Since I don’t really have much to Post about at this time, I figured you might want to see a before & after at the old Bethlehem Steel Plant.  I’ve not been able to get “out there” and take some Images of places I go, because of the darn cold weather.  I’m not much of a cold weather person.  The cold seems to go right thru me, no matter what I have on.  Especially my hands and feet.  However, I’m ok with that so far.  At least we don’t have any snow as of yet!

Most of everything you see above has been re-modified to look more modern for visitors to walk around in.  The street is now a cobblestone walk.  Only a few of the original street lights remain.  All of those buildings on the right have been torn down, except for one that is the main Visitor Center.  The supporting buildings on the left close to the Blast Furnaces are gone, except one.  There has been a “Steel Walkway” built up around the Furnaces that I’ve showed you before.  The place that once was teaming with noise, heat, and steel workers of the past is now having a more modern look.


_DSC0553 (2) -1

This is what it looks like now.  The steel walkway is to the left of the Image, where you can walk the whole length of the Blast Furnace’s.  The “new” road is on the right at the bottom.  All the weeds and over-growth are gone, too.  The “over-hang” in the center is now a stage where bands can play on certain times of the year.  This whole place lights up at night, with vivid color placed up on the Blast Furnaces to give it a more “active look.”  Reds, Yellows, and other colors brought on by lights give the place sort of a “spooky” look. 

I have not been able to get up here during the night hours to see it lit up, but I will.  Driving in and around this area can be nut’s!

Thanks for stopping by.


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