When I bought this Laptop a program came with my purchase called Fresh Paint.  I really did not know that much about it, so it sat without being used for a number of months until I decided to take a look at this program to see how it works and what it can do.

It’s a pretty nice drawing & painting program.  It comes with all kinds of different colors, brushes, drawing pencils, paint mixers, paper, & lot’s more than what I thought.  I had to play with it for awhile to get the feel of using it and once I got that I decided to give it a real try on painting this Great Horned Owl.

I used a Template and had to color in the outline with what I thought a Owl looked like.  It took me just about 2 weeks to do this painting one color, switching to another, and trying to stay within the lines of the Template I worked with.  It is not quite as easy as I had thought, but I kept on doing it until I got the finished product shown above.

In working with this program, I found that there is not a lot of Help for using it.  There was only 4 different Help topics for such a complicated program like this.  I’m not too happy about this.  Finially what I had to do is down-load a book for my iPad that gives me more instructions on what it can do.  I had to learn as I went along which is normal for me.

I am not a painter or a Artist, by any means.  I just do what I think is right and if it does not look good, I wipe it out and try again.  For those of you that want this program, it can be down-loaded in the Windows Store for Win 8.1.  It will keep you busy for quite awhile.

Thanks for stopping by.