This is going to be a Post for a WordPress friend of mine named “Milfordstreet’ who enjoys Historical places of our Country as much as I do.  He had Posted a Image that he shot in Boston that I enjoyed seeing.  I had commented on his Image telling him that not but a hours drive for me is this place called Independence Park where freedom in our Country was born.  In this area a a number of buildings that were there when the Declaration of Independence was signed more than 300 yrs. ago.

Above is a Image that I took of the famous Independence Hall where the Declaration was signed on July 4th, 1776.  It looks just like you see above and where a number of movies were made or used as a backdrop.  This Historic building is open to the general public for Tours, but you have to pay to see the inside.  In here is the room where all of our Founding Fathers gathered together on that day in July to sign the final paper.  People like Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and many of the others all were here.  The famous room looks just like it did so long ago.  I tried to take a tour here, but it was filled up as were the other Tours at different times.  Decided to do it some other day/time.


This is Carpenters Hall were many of the Delagates met before the signing.  It is kept in repair by the National Park Service.  Entrance to this building is free for all to see.


Walking the “Freedom Trail” you will be able to see the famous Betsy Ross House where the 1st American Flag was made by her and given to George Washington.  You can also Tour this house, but for a fee.  It’s interesting to see how people lived back then, compared to today.


This is a view of the famous Infarams Alley.  It’s the oldest street in Philly that is still used and lived in to this day.  Imagine trying to buy one of these old Homes?  I think they would be rather pricy!


Here is the famous original “Liberty Bell” that rang Freedom in the land.  The crack in the bell was repaired, but never rang again.  There is allot more History to this Bell that I don’t know much about.  I’m sure if you are really interested, it will be found.  I apologize for the interference.  It is almost impossible to get a clear shot with the thousands of people that come here to see this famous bell.


This is the original Desk of Ben Franklin, who was one of the signers in the Declaration.  His Home is no longer here, but can be seen by a “Ghost Outline” of where it used to stand.


Built on the outside wall of the Visitor Center are these words.  WE THE PEOPLE, the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.

In the future, I will be making another trip down to Philadelphia to see more of what is here.  Philadelphia, like Boston, is so full of History that you can’t see everything in one visit.

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  1. Lovely photos and a great tour. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve lived in the Philly suburbs for two years now but have not been to Independence Hall or seen the Liberty Bell yet. The lines have been too long for impatient children when I’ve been in that area. We need to do it at a less touristy time. I have been to the Constitution, however, and thought it was a great introduction to the significance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  2. Great blog post, with equally great images. My husband and I talked the other day about visiting Philadelphia some day. Neither of us have been there. I would be interested to hear your tips on how to navigate to points of interest. Philly is a bit scary for us, being small city dwellers!

    1. Hello Linda – Thanks for liking my Post “Philadelphia Freedom.” In reply to your request I will be more than happy to help you along when you decide to visit Philly and Independence Park. The City of Philadelphia can be a challenge to visit, since it is quite large. It’s not all that hard to get to the Historic area, but you have to know where your going. When your truly ready, let me know when your going and I’ll do the best I can to help you along. Would be nice to even meet you there.

      1. Oh yes. To visit Independence Park it will require allot of walking. Parking in the area is a problem and is hard to find. Most parking there you have to pay for, but it last’s all day. If you might be considering visiting Independence Hall, there is a fee to do so and you have to make reservations to do it. It does get very full with so many people there. I would NOT go on a Holiday, especially the 4th of July! During a week-day is much better. Cheers!

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