Something else that I’ve been doing over these past few weeks, is coloring.  Remember back a few Posts ago, that I had posted about doing this and wanted to see what it’s all about.  Well, over time I have found out that you can do all sorts of things.  There are lots, lots, and lot’s of patterns out there that you can use to color.  What I did is order some coloring books and see what I can do.  Now, I must state here that these are not my designs.  All I did is add the color scheme to it.  I love the colors of the 60’s, during the “Hippie, Peace, and Love years.  There are so many different designs to use.


This is another one that I colored in.  Remember the song by the Beatles from the album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?  “Look for the girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes and your gone.”  This is where I got that idea from.


With this one I tried to show the Sun in a different manner.  Instead of being all one color, as the sun is most of the time, I brightened it up from the Hippy Years that I remember so well.  Also, I’ve got to mention that these designs are very bright and colorful, they are not real easy to paint.  Using my Paint Shop Pro X7 Program I can use all kinds of different bright colors.  I try to stay within the Lines of the Design, plus figuring out what colors go with which ones.  Trying to make it as colorful and bright as I can.  Lines are not totally straight and I know it, but it’s not all that bad.  I hope that you like them.  If you want something to keep your mind busy and create a colorful design, give this a try and you’ll see.

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Hello there, my Followers.  I’m still here but have not posted anything these past few weeks.  This is due mostly to the Winter and the cold.  I just don’t go out that much when its so darn cold & snowy.  Don’t like it.  I stay inside my home and find other things to keep me occupied with time.  However, once in a while the weather gets warmer during the Winter months.  Then I get the chance to go out with my camera & snoop around.  This Post is just one of them.

The City that I live very near has many homes that were built in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  Most all of these homes all belonged to prominent people that once lived here.  Now, they are long gone, but their homes still stand.  I really could not find much information about them and just why I don’t know.  The homes that I’ve pictured here are quite nice in the inside and out.  They were built to stand the test of time.


This is the same home as pictured above, except shot from a different angle.  Home such as this you just don’t see much of anymore.  They have faded into History.  I don’t know who built this home at all.  As with all the other Images I shot, they are all located in the Cahill Historic District in Center Park.  When I took these Images, the weather was cool and a bit windy, and cloudy.  It was better than 20 degree weather!


This home is simply beautiful.  What I could find out about it, is it used to be owned by a candy producer in the early 1900’s.  Over time it changed hands a number of times, until now which it is a Home for Senior Citizens.  I would just love to walk thru this outstanding building and see what’s there.  I had to shoot this with my 80-320mm Telephoto Lens.  There is Private Property signs posted.  I was not happy about that!


Located right along Center Ave. are these Row Homes that are all Historic.  They are all owned by Private citizens of Reading.  Homes that are here must be kept in good condition.  This means they must be kept in repair.  The people can do nothing to them that is not approved by the Historical Society of Reading.


Notice that all of these homes are of the same design.  Despite being well over 100 yrs. old, they look good.


These Homes are just around the corner from the Image above.  All of them are the same  .  .  .  .  but different.

Since the weather was not bad I had decided to go “out there” and photograph these homes that I have seen and passed by many times in the past.  I’m truly hopeful that these homes remain in the condition they are for more yrs. to come.  Thanks to you for being patient in your following.  More to come.

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