Hello there, my Followers.  I’m still here but have not posted anything these past few weeks.  This is due mostly to the Winter and the cold.  I just don’t go out that much when its so darn cold & snowy.  Don’t like it.  I stay inside my home and find other things to keep me occupied with time.  However, once in a while the weather gets warmer during the Winter months.  Then I get the chance to go out with my camera & snoop around.  This Post is just one of them.

The City that I live very near has many homes that were built in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  Most all of these homes all belonged to prominent people that once lived here.  Now, they are long gone, but their homes still stand.  I really could not find much information about them and just why I don’t know.  The homes that I’ve pictured here are quite nice in the inside and out.  They were built to stand the test of time.


This is the same home as pictured above, except shot from a different angle.  Home such as this you just don’t see much of anymore.  They have faded into History.  I don’t know who built this home at all.  As with all the other Images I shot, they are all located in the Cahill Historic District in Center Park.  When I took these Images, the weather was cool and a bit windy, and cloudy.  It was better than 20 degree weather!


This home is simply beautiful.  What I could find out about it, is it used to be owned by a candy producer in the early 1900’s.  Over time it changed hands a number of times, until now which it is a Home for Senior Citizens.  I would just love to walk thru this outstanding building and see what’s there.  I had to shoot this with my 80-320mm Telephoto Lens.  There is Private Property signs posted.  I was not happy about that!


Located right along Center Ave. are these Row Homes that are all Historic.  They are all owned by Private citizens of Reading.  Homes that are here must be kept in good condition.  This means they must be kept in repair.  The people can do nothing to them that is not approved by the Historical Society of Reading.


Notice that all of these homes are of the same design.  Despite being well over 100 yrs. old, they look good.


These Homes are just around the corner from the Image above.  All of them are the same  .  .  .  .  but different.

Since the weather was not bad I had decided to go “out there” and photograph these homes that I have seen and passed by many times in the past.  I’m truly hopeful that these homes remain in the condition they are for more yrs. to come.  Thanks to you for being patient in your following.  More to come.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. There are many cities in PA that have histo in homes. I am so happy that many still stand and are well maintained. Spring is almost here; looking forward to longer and warmer days!

  2. Hi less I have to tell you ever since I was a child and we drove through Reading on my many trips with my family ever since I was a little boy I marveled at that house up on the hill and I would have always loved by that house and live there I’ve never seen such a big beautiful houses that and now I found out it’s called the Hawthorne it’s a senior retirement community I would like to know the whole history of this house if you can help me I can’t as yet have found the history and property records of this place and unfortunately it’s a home now but quite frankly I would love to buy it and live there it’s unbelievable and it’s just gorgeous it was built in 1878

    1. Yes, Keith, the Hawthorne Home used to be owned by a person that had lot’s of money. It is now a Retirement community that I know of. I have not been out that way in awhile, but I’ll see what I can find out.

    2. I have looked around and tried to find out more information about the Hawthorn House, but there is not much other than it was owned by a Candy Mfg. years ago. Just up the street from there on Hill Road is another huge home that was owned by Luden Candies. Not sure what it is now.

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