Hello there, my followers.  I’m still around.  Just have not Posted much of anything for quite sometime.  I’m sorta sorry about that, but just didn’t seem to have the liking for doing it for either one reason or another.  I think that I had stated before that I don’t Post a whole lot, because I find it rather hard to find something to put here.  I also have noticed in my previous Posts that I don’t get any comments and that bothers me. 

During the cold Winter day’s, there is not much to do or go see with the camera.  I pretty much stay inside and find something to do to keep me interested.  However, now that the weather has gotten much warmer I’ll try and make more Posts on where I go and what I do. 

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I also have a house to keep up, and that can be a tiring job.  The Winter winds, cold, and snow take a toll on the lawn.  Twigs, some bigger limbs, leaves, and dead grass have to be picked up and thrown out before that grass is mowed.  I don’t have a riding mower, cause I just can’t afford one of those.  The mower that I have is a self-propelled Craftsman.  It works good, but is a bit heavy to move around.  This will continue till the weather turns to cold again.  Then it will stop until the next change of the season.  I can also start working in my small wood shop.  It’s just to cold during Winter to be in there.  No heat in there.

Don’t you ever get bored during the cold Winter day’s?  What do you do?

Thanks for waiting.