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About twice a year, I get in the car, and take a drive down into Amish Country to see what’s there and what has changed.  One of the favorite towns I always walk around in is Intercourse, PA  This small Amish town is a big huge tourist attraction because of all the Amish & Mennonite shops, stores, and the Amish people themselves.  It’s not a big place, but has much to see for the average tourist that has never seen a Amish or Mennonite Horse & Buggy.  The main street in Intercourse always has buggy’s going and coming up and down the road.  Most people, like me, are used to seeing them, so I don’t pay that much attention to them.  I just walk around and keep a camera eye open for something different.  The above Image is of 2 Amish carriages that pulled into a Amish Hardware Store, where you can buy just about anything that is needed for the farm including Hat’s & Clothing.  What I should have done is take a look inside the store just to see what was in there, but I didn’t.

DSC_0949!watching every move I made and where I went.  I think he was interested in the camera stuff I had with me.  When the Grandfather got in the carriage and started to back away, the boy waved to me Goodbye and they went on their way.


These Horses are just two out of the four that pull the Tourist people around the town for a carriage ride.  The ride lasts about a half hour, and your taken down one of the back roads, then back to the place here.  It’s not much of a ride, but it seems to draw a whole lot of people.  These horses, if you are wondering, are very well cared for.  They are brushed and washed off at the end of each trip.  They are also fed very well.  They only offer rides like this for 4 hours.  Then the horse’s go back to the stable for the next day’s work.


Now, remember the Movie, Witness starring Harrison Ford & Kelly McGillus?  Well, this is the old general store where Harrison Ford made that phone call to his buddy.  Of course, there is no pay phone here and never was.  The old Hotel was built in 1847 and was a carriage stop years ago.  A number of the scenes from Witness were shot in this town.  The Farm were Ford stayed while he was healing in the movie, is just down the road about a mile away.  The original stands where you tie up your horse are still there, just like in the movie.


Just happen to be walking around and I spotted these Rose’s that just begged to be photographed.  They were just so pretty.


That’s it for Intercourse.  There is so much more to see around Amish County you have to come up to this area and see for yourself


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The Shady Maple Restaurant is a place that I have been going to for over 20 yrs.  Located down in Lancaster County, it is a very well known place to eat and draws people that are hungry for great food from all over the area.  The place is huge.  This is just a small portion of what is here.  People are lined up here to pay $17.00 for a buffet of great Dutch food.  There are different prices for Senior Citizens.

Behind what you see here is a large dinning area that can seat hundreds of people at one time.  Each dinning area has separate tables for 2, 4, 6, or 8 people at one time.  They also accept Tour Bus’s that unload 40 or more people at once! 

The food is always good.  Buffet style, you serve yourself, with many different choices of food that is offered.  From Steak, Roast Beef, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and much, much more you can stuff yourself till you can’t walk!  You can eat as much as you want, but can’t take it out with you.  It is considered shop lifting, if you do so.   Soda, coffee, tea, juice of all kinds are all here.  The Ice Cream is always a big hit here.  They have Vanilla & Chocolate with several types of toppings.  Fresh Homemade Dutch Pie’s are there also, plus several different types of cake.

After you have had your fill of food, you can go down-stairs and walk around the huge gift shop that sells just about everything you’d want.  Hand built tables, desks, cabinets for your kitchen and many, many different trinkets for all that enjoy.  Candles are a big seller all the time.  Hand made Quilts are also there, but are very pricy!  The Dutch people sew and put together these Quilts in different patterns.  They vary in price from $100.00 all the way up to and over $1000.00!  They are very warm for cold Winter nights.  Well worth the money you spend. Like I stated before, I’ve been coming here for over 20 yrs.  I have never, ever had a bad meal here.  I’ve always over eaten myself that I can hardly walk out the door!  The place is open all week long for Breakfast & Dinner, but close’s up after that.  It’s not open on a Sunday, either.  The reason for this is that the PA Dutch people do not believe in working on a Sunday.  That’s their time for church.  I know that I and my Wife, will continue to come here.


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About 3 yrs. ago, I decided to purchase a Butterfly Bush, because I had seen one at a good friends of ours in their backyard.  It had a bunch of pretty Butterfly’s hovering around and it in, so I asked what it was and where they got it.  They bought it from one of our local garden places and have had it ever since.  It was a pretty big bush, but it took years to grow to the size that I saw.

So, I went down to the gardener, and asked to see one of these bushes.  They had 3 of them left over.  I asked how to plant them and a few other questions, and then bought one to bring home and see what I can do.


It was just a little bush then, but I planted it the way I was told and waited.  Unknown to me, at the time, good ole’ Man Winter came around and did his worst.  That Winter, 3 yrs. ago, was so cold, snowy, windy, and full of sleet, that I wondered if the poor bush would live.  As that Winter kept on, with temps down into the minus side, I was sure it was a gonner!

Spring finally came around, but there was very little change in the appearance.  No flowers, and no green growth.  However, lo & behold later on during last summer it started to show signs of Life!!  Some green stalks, leaves, and flowers started to appear!  Wow, she was not dead like I thought.

This past Winter was not too bad.  Not like before.  When Spring came this year, the bush started showing more and more Life with flowers and green leaves.  Great!  Now, the bush has grown to what you see above.  It’s more than twice the size that it was.  It now has butterfly’s, moths, bumble bees, and other pretty insects all flying around it.  Looks like a had a “green thumb” after all!


The above Image is one of the Butterfly’s that came to visit.  Not sure what type this is, but it was so pretty, I could not resist taking this shot, when it stood still long enough.  I also found out how and when to trim them for the next year.  The bush is also called a Buddleia.

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I keep coming back to this Historical area for a number of reasons, but there is no one specific one that I can think of.  Most of it is because there might be something different that you’ll see or find that you didn’t know about before.  Nothing really changes here, except the people riding bikes here, running the Towpath, or just walking the area for some quiet.  Although, it does change during the Fall and Winter months.  During the Fall all the trees turn colors and Mother Nature puts on Her best dress for all to see.  The Winter, when it snows, makes it take on a whole new look.  All dressed up in White from the snow.  The cement drain in the forground is for when the old Canal starts filling with water, so it is drained into the River that is on the right and out of the Image.  The Outline in the grass is where the old Canal used to be long ago.  Since then it has gone over-grown with trees and shrubs.  The water and boats are long gone.


Here is just one example of the Towpath that splits into 2 different paths.  The one on the extreme left is the orginial part of the Towpath.  The other one leads to a over=look for the Schuykill River.  There is a resting chair for all to use in case you get wore out from walking, riding, etc.  The wooden marker with the W is for a Historical marker that tells you that something was once here many years ago, but what it was I don’t really know.  I would have to ask about that.


While walking along, I happen to notice this tree that was full of these flowers.  Had no idea what it was other than it was pretty.  Found out later, its call “Fire & Ice”.  Now just where they got that name for it, I have no idea.  Where is the Fire and Ice here?

Now, this is just some of the reasons I come here during the year.  Not one specific thing.  Just many.

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DSC_0929One of the things that I still enjoy doing around my area, is drive around the back country roads to see what’s there or what I’ll find.  Around here my area is just full of small back country roads.  Many of them I know, from living in the area all my Life.  However, there are roads that I’ve never driven on.  These are the ones that I take just to see where it goes, what I’ll find, or where it will take me.  In doing this there are times that I get lost and don’t know where I am.  If this happens I just keep going until I see something that is familiar.


While driving one of the back country roads, I happen to take a left turn just to see what’s there.  To my surprise, I saw a whole 1/4 of a farmers field just full of Sunflowers.  I was surprised that I came across these.  Stopped the car, got out my camera gear, and went to take a “look-see” on what I found.

I walked up and down the “Patch” looking at what was good to photograph.  Most all the good ones were in the center of the field, thus making it too hard to reach.  I didn’t have my tripod with me to mount a Telephoto Lens, I had to shoot what was close by.


For either one reason or another, I’ve always liked seeing Sunflowers.  They are so big and colorful that they almost beg to be photographed.  When I took these Images, it was in the morning hours, and the weather temp. was already up in the high 90’s!  The camera view finder was getting soaking wet with sweat from the heat.  Had to keep wiping it clean every time I viewed what I took.

I took a few more Images, but these are the ones I liked.  After shooting what I wanted, I got back into my air-conditioned car and went off to see what else is around.

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Here’s another Image that I took in IR using my Nikon D7000.  What is pictured here is what is left of the old Union Canal.  The Canal used to be on the extreme left of the Image.  The Towpath is where you see it on the right.  The Towpath follows the Canal where Mules & Horses towed the Canal Boats up and down.

I think that this Image is one of my better ones that I’ve taken.

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