Well, Hello to all my Followers, that might have left me by now.  I see that I have not Posted anything in the past 3 months, but that seems to be ok for me.  There are times when I just don’t have that much to Post about so I take a break for awhile.  When I do this I have a bunch of blog posts to catch up on.  This may take some time for me.

What I’ve found out is now that I have not been Posting here, I’m having a bit of a problem putting Images on my site.  Things have changed a bit, so I have to more or less start all over again.  I used to use Windows Live Writer, but now for some reason I just can’t do that anymore.  I have to use the Post writing on the WordPress Site that I have not used in a age.


Ok, so let’s get started with this.  One of the bushes that I have out in the back yard is what’s called a Butterfly Bush.  I’m sure that you’ve heard of them or even have one.  I bought this bush 3 years ago, and planted it where I could see it from the kitchen window.  The first Winter that we had after planting, I thought that it was dead when Spring came around next year.  That Winter was so darn cold, windy, and full of snow that I thought it did not survive.  Now, this past year it surprised me.  Last years Spring showed some Life in it and it was turning green with new leaves and flowers!  I was amazed.

Now, this Spring and Summer it has grown a whole lot,much, in fact, that it has started to attract Butterfly’s, which surprised me again.  Guess that I do have a “green thumb” after all.  Anyway, I noticed that there were 3 of these types of Butterfly’s on the bush and they were so pretty I just had to get the Nikon and try and shoot one.

I found that they are not all that easy to photograph.  Always flying from one flower to another.  Just would not sit long enough for me.  Then what I found is you have to stay put in one place and wait for them to come around.  I finally got this one that is shown above.  He sure is pretty, I think.

There have been other Butterfly’s floating around the bush, but none quite a pretty as this guy.  Found out this one is called a Swallow Tail Butterfly.  I’m waiting for some Monarch Butterfly’s to show up.  I’ll get them too!

Till the next time.  Thanks for reading and still following.


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