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Here’s another Image that I took in IR using my Nikon D7000.  What is pictured here is what is left of the old Union Canal.  The Canal used to be on the extreme left of the Image.  The Towpath is where you see it on the right.  The Towpath follows the Canal where Mules & Horses towed the Canal Boats up and down.

I think that this Image is one of my better ones that I’ve taken.

Thanks for lookin’ and following.



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Here is something else that I’ve been doing allot more of and that’s Infrared Photography.  I know that I have posted about this before, but back then it was not quite as good as it is now.  I have found out more information on just how to set the Pentax or Nikon to capture the light that is un-seen to the human eye

This was taken with my Nikon D7000 using a Hoya R72 720nm screw on Filter.  The ISO was 400 with a f/stop of 11.  Shutter open for 32 sec.

This is a old path that is not far from my home.  It runs along the River for about a mile and then stops when it reaches a road.  During the Fall all the leaves here turn all different colors.  Makes it look pretty to walk in.

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