DSC_0929One of the things that I still enjoy doing around my area, is drive around the back country roads to see what’s there or what I’ll find.  Around here my area is just full of small back country roads.  Many of them I know, from living in the area all my Life.  However, there are roads that I’ve never driven on.  These are the ones that I take just to see where it goes, what I’ll find, or where it will take me.  In doing this there are times that I get lost and don’t know where I am.  If this happens I just keep going until I see something that is familiar.


While driving one of the back country roads, I happen to take a left turn just to see what’s there.  To my surprise, I saw a whole 1/4 of a farmers field just full of Sunflowers.  I was surprised that I came across these.  Stopped the car, got out my camera gear, and went to take a “look-see” on what I found.

I walked up and down the “Patch” looking at what was good to photograph.  Most all the good ones were in the center of the field, thus making it too hard to reach.  I didn’t have my tripod with me to mount a Telephoto Lens, I had to shoot what was close by.


For either one reason or another, I’ve always liked seeing Sunflowers.  They are so big and colorful that they almost beg to be photographed.  When I took these Images, it was in the morning hours, and the weather temp. was already up in the high 90’s!  The camera view finder was getting soaking wet with sweat from the heat.  Had to keep wiping it clean every time I viewed what I took.

I took a few more Images, but these are the ones I liked.  After shooting what I wanted, I got back into my air-conditioned car and went off to see what else is around.

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